The Action for Reset Dialogues - Episode VIII : Planetary Health

Are people finally getting it? Has CoVID-19 worked as a springboard and managed to force the planetary-health agenda center stage? Does planetary health offer the mental frames, practical-action repertoire and smart alliances needed to turn the tide on the huge ecological, economic and socio-cultural crises unfolding in front of our eyes?

In this episode of the Action for Reset Dialogues, planetary-health frontrunner Dr. Renzo Guinto meets with Dr. Jemilah Mahmood (Special advisor on Public Health to the Prime Minister of Malaysia) and Dr. Maria Guevara (Senior advisor global health, MSF) to discuss the state of play and transformative potentials of the planetary health movement. They discuss how planetary health is rapidly capturing the enthusiasm and imagination of younger generations, but also has begun to make firm inroads into more established political circles impacting on crucial debates: such as around the next economy or energy. Following up on the Planetary Health webinar of June 2020, the conversation focuses on the energy, intellect, passion and sense of the different planetary health efforts currently underway. The conversation moves from debates around the Doughnut Economy to the Lancet Climate Count Down and back and does not shy away from being self-critical of some of the barriers to change prevalent among global health and humanitarian activists.

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