The Action for Reset Dialogues

In the lead up to international UHC day 2020, we propose a series of  ‘role-up-our-sleeves’ stories, set up as video dialogues between people who work on concrete trajectories of change and on building-forward-better.

In these ‘hands-on’ interviews, we will draw in part on some of the great encounters we have had during the last few months. We have also invited other brave change-makers in health and social development, who do not shy away from facing the deeper-rooted causes of stagnation and regression.

Of course, these interviews may trigger a thousand associations in the minds of people. Associations with other change makers, and positive transformation. We, therefore, invite everybody who feels inspired to produce their own short-film dialogues with such people in health and submit these to be added to the campaign. For as Julia Carney famously had it: "Little drops of water, little grains of sand, make the mighty ocean, and the pleasant land.”

Together we can grow actionable governance.

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Episode XII : Mapping & Representation

With Amina Jama Mahmud and Jean-Benoit Falisse

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Episode XI : Common Goods for Health

With Susan Sparkes and Bill Savedoff

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Episode X : Decolonizing Global Health

With Clara Affun-Adegbulu and Anthony Costello

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Episode IX : Equity

With Sir Michael Marmot and Sridhar Venkatapuram

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Episode VIII : Planetary Health

With Jemilah Mahmood, Maria Guevara, and Renzo Guinto

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Episode VII : Knowledge

With Mishal Khan and Seye Abimbola

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Episode VI : Health Activism / Mobilizaçao Social Para a Saúde

With Francisco Ventura, Vera Coelho and Felipe Szabzon

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Episode V : Private Sector Engagement

With Barbara O'Hanlon and Dave Clarke

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Episode IV : Community

With Asha George and Sanghita Bhattacharrya

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Episode III : The Role of the Media (French)

With Rachid Hallaouy and Maryam Bigdeli

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Episode II : Social Determinants of Outbreaks

With Ngoy Nsenga and Benjamin Rouffy-Ly

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Episode I : Commoning

With David Bollier and Godelieve Van Heteren

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