Action for the Reset - Episode V : Private Sector Engagement

What is the role of the private sector in the Covid-19 response? Why is engaging with the private sector important? What are the challenges for governments and private providers to meaningfully engage with each other?

In this episode of the Action for Reset Dialogues, Barbara O'Hanlon and Dave Clarke touch upon the main challenges in working with the private sector to maintain essential health services and present the tools they are working on to address these challenges and help governments design and implement a private-sector engagement strategy that capitalizes on private sector resources and help deliver on the national health priorities.

Barbara O’Hanlon is a recognized leader in international health policy design and implementation with over 35 years’ experience. Ms. O’Hanlon is a pioneer in the areas of private sector policy reforms, public-private dialogue, and health public-private partnerships. In the last 17 years, she has worked with several African health ministries to conduct private health sector assessments, analyze key health markets for private sector opportunities, formulate private sector policies, and establish health PPP Units. 

David Clarke is a public health lawyer.  He is a senior health system advisor at WHO HQ in Geneva. David works in three main areas: using law and regulation to implement Universal Health Coverage (UHC), supporting countries to strategically engage the private sector in service of UHC and developing preventative approaches to mitigate the risk of health system corruption.

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