The Action for Reset Dialogues - Episode XII : Mapping & Representation

How are the COVID-19 response decisions taken? By whom and using which evidence base? Can we still pretend that public health is owned by everyone?

In this episode of the Action for Reset Dialogues, Amina Jama Mahmud (Save The Children) and Jean-Benoit Falisse (University of Edinburgh) discuss the governance of the Covid response. In this lively discussion, they touch upon the type of science that is used as evidence base for the covid response, and examine how women, minorities and social sciences have been largely underrepresented in the rapidly shrinking space for decision-making.  

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Dr Amina Jama Mahmud is Senior Gender Advisor at the Somali institute for Development Research and Analysis (SIDRA) and a Research Associate at Uppsala University in Sweden. Her research focuses on health systems strengthening, gender and social inclusion in health and education sectors. She is the founder and director for Women in Global Health Somalia Chalmers. She has worked as a senior policy advisor for the federal ministry of health in Mogadishu and a Project Director for Save the Children International, and has participated in several GCRF projects including the ongoing GCRF Protracted Displacement Project

Dr Jean-Benoit Falisse is a lecturer in International Development at the University of Edinburgh, His research revolves around three areas: (1) Community participation social accountability in so-called 'fragile' environments; (2) the livelihoods of displaced people, and their interactions with mobility and health; and (3) the political economy of health reform and health governance.