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Webinar - Anti-corruption by design

Corruption is a matter of life and death in the health sector, impeding access, quality of care, financial protection and equity, disproportionately affecting the poor and vulnerable. The disruption that corruption induces in governance processes makes it a major hurdle in health system strengthening.

Its causes are multi-faceted; they are influenced by factors within and beyond the health sector, and a top-down anti-corruption enforcement approach may not always yield the expected results.

One of WHO's main axis of work in this field has been to encourage collaboration by convening various actors, sharing and consolidating technical know-how, building consensus on methods,  and synergizing approaches on anti-corruption, transparency, and accountability.

This session introduces the work that WHO's Gender, Equity and Rights (GER) and Health Systems Governance and Financing (HGF) units have been undertaking together; and invite various partners to share the perspectives they have drawn from their own experience working on corruption.


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