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USAID External Orientation Document on Private-Sector Engagement for COVID-19 Response calls the private sector to co-create and co-finance solutions to the COVID-19

In a recent document called "External Orientation Document on Private-Sector Engagement for COVID-19", USAID invites the private sector in engaging with USAID to co-create, co-design, and collaborate in the response to the pandemic. 

This document lays out USAID response to COVID-19 and details how USAID seeks to co-create and co-finance solutions with the private sector to achieve maximum speed, impact, and scale in the response. By unlocking private-sector investment and catalyzing innovation and enterprise-driven outcomes, USAID is committed to exploring and formulating collaborative solutions which leverage the private sector’s expertise. 

This engagement is guided by USAID's Private-Sector Engagement (PSE) Policy, which leads USAID to work strategically with corporations and businesses to address the most challenging development and humanitarian problems around the world. USAID advocates that, by combining the comparative advantages of USAID and the private sector, it is possible to deliver better outcomes to slow the spread, care for the affected, and equip local communities with the tools needed to fight back against COVID-19. By making early investments in the economic system, it is possible to lay the groundwork necessary for longer term economic growth and prosperity.



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