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Private sector landscape in mixed health systems: new drafts documents available!

Most health systems are mixed systems, where a mix of public and private providers deliver health services to the population. Engaging both parts of the health systems – public and private – is crucial to the achievement of many health objectives. However, countries’ journeys toward engaging the private sector face many challenges. Exercising their stewardship role can be difficult for governments which are often not equipped with policy frameworks for private sector engagement, have poor information about the private sector, or lack expertise to develop and manage strategies to influence and collaborate with the private sector. 

Seven discussion documents have been commissioned by the World Health Organization and recommended by the Advisory Group on the Governance of the Private Sector to support the development of a WHO strategy:

  1. Private Sector Utilization: Insights from Standard Survey Data

  2. Measuring the size of the private sector: metrics and recommendations.
  3. Engaging the Private Health Sector to Advance Universal Health Coverage: WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region Case Study
  4. Principles for engaging the private sector in universal health coverage.
  5. Private sector accountability for service delivery in the context of UHC.
  6. International organizations and the engagement of private healthcare providers.
  7. Private Health Sector Engagement in the Journey towards Universal Health Coverage: Landscape Analysis


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