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New video out: Health is all about people – it’s time to invest in social participation!

One crucial but challenging aspect of strengthening governance is systematically bringing in people’s voice into policy- and decision-making. Meaningful engagement of people with lived experiences, with civil society organizations, with community groups, etc., means creating an environment where people, communities and civil society feel empowered to express themselves because they are seen as a valued agent of change.

To create regular and institutionalised dialogue between governments and their population, it is vital to break down barriers hindering meaningful participation. If these spaces are well designed and used regularly, they have the power to become a potent tool for more responsive and implementable policies.

The WHO Handbook on Social Participation for UHC provides practical guidance for policymakers, drawing from country examples, on how to engage with the population, communities and civil society by creating, strengthening, and sustaining participatory spaces for health decision-making.

Watch the video here:


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