Francophone Chapter

On September 10 and 11, 2019 was held, at the headquarters of the National Observatory for Human Development (ONDH) in Rabat, the workshop constituting the Francophone Chapter of the Collaborative. The creation of this chapter is an extension of the Global Collaborative (HSG Collaborative) launched in December 2016 as part of the international partnership UHC2030. It seeks to pursue and deepen the logic of collective learning developed by the Global Collaborative since its creation. In addition to strengthening proximity and the exchange of experiences in the French-speaking world, the Francophone Chapter aims to overcome the constraints of the language and to facilitate access and appropriation of relevant knowledge and experiences on health systems governance by different stakeholders. Nearly forty decision-makers, experts, NGOs, researchers and professionals from 15 French-speaking countries participated in this workshop which was organized jointly by ONDH and the HSG Collaborative with the support of WHO.

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