webinar 13 September 2018

Webinar - Steering and rowing: towards a framework for actionable governance in health systems

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Webinar: Thursday 13 September 15.00 CEST / 13.00 GMT (UTC)

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Governance is recognized as a critical function and one that is relevant to strengthening all the various components of a health system. 

In the past decade, we have experienced an increase of the literature in the field of health systems governance, giving birth to various frameworks presenting attributes or dimensions of governance.

These frameworks have been used in different contexts to assess the performance of countries and while they may capture a snapshot of a current situation, they may not always provide decision-makers with tools to improve the governance of their health systems. 

Building on that observation and on a thorough review of existing definitions and frameworks for health system governance, the WHO has worked on building a framework for actionable governance in health systems, a framework designed to help practitioners take actual governance actions. 

Governance actions in the health system will build, strengthen or transform system design. This will, in turn, produce governance results which will ultimately influence health system performance.

We invite all interested stakeholders to join this session and engage in a discussion on the matter.

This is the fifth webinar in the ‘Webinar Series on Health Systems Governance Frameworks and Missing Links’, organized by the Health Systems Governance Collaborative in collaboration with its various partners.


This webinar will last for 75 minutes. It will be divided into the following three sections:

  1. Opening remarks: Maryam Bigdeli will introduce the session and its relevance in the wider work of the Collaborative. [5 minutes]
  2. Presentation of the actionable governance framework: Gerard Schmets will go over the design of the framework and the underlying approach to actionable governance. [20 minutes]
  3. Open Discussion: We will invite all attendees to come forward and share their thoughts and reactions on how to make governance actionable. [50 minutes] 

Our speaker 

Gerard Schmets
Chief Coordinator
Universal Health Coverage Joint Working Team
World Health Organization

Gerard is the chief coordinator of the Universal Health Coverage Joint Working Team in WHO Geneva, and has for over a decade worked in the field of Health Systems Governance, Policy and Financing. A health economist by training, Gerard has many years of experience analyzing country (Belgian) health systems and working for international global health organizations (Médecins Sans Frontières, AEDES) in the areas of health systems and health emergencies across Africa, the Pacific Islands, the Caribbean’s, Europe and Asia.

The slides from the presentations will be in English and will be accessible online afterwards.

The webinar will be recorded and posted on the Collaborative's youtube channel.

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