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Webinar: Engaging the Private Sector in the COVID-19 response

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The private sector provides nearly 40% of health care across the world and is equally hard hit by COVID19. Some private hospitals are seeing large amount of patients and regular services are halted, while smaller practices have been shut down out of fear for COVID19. 

This webinar - organised by the Public-Private Mix for TB care (TBPPM) - addresses the following questions:

  • How can we build a strong national COVID19 response where government and private sector are aligned?
  • What are examples of innovations of public-private COVID19 responses?
  • How can TB public-private engagement emerge stronger post COVID19?

The webinar consists in two interventions: (1) the WHO Action Plan - by David CLARKE; and (2) WHO Engaging the Private Sector for COVID-19 and TB in India - by Professor Venkat Raman, followed by a 20 minutes discussion.

About the speakers

David Clarke

David Clarke is a public health lawyer.  He is a senior health system advisor at WHO HQ in Geneva. David works in three main areas: using law and regulation to implement Universal Health Coverage (UHC), supporting countries to strategically engage the private sector in service of UHC and developing preventative approaches to mitigate the risk of health system corruption.

Prof. A. Venkat Raman

Prof. Venkat Raman works on HRD and Health Policy. Before entering academics, he worked with an international NGO. His research interest is focused on exploring and leveraging Public-Private Partnership (PPP) options to improve equitable access to health care services for the poor. He is actively engaged in advisory responsibilities with many bilateral and multilateral development partners such as The World Bank, WHO, DFID, USAID, GIZ, BMGF, and other international agencies on engaging the private sector for health service delivery in Asia, Africa, and Eastern Mediterranean Region. His research projects have been funded by the World Bank, WHO, DFID, Dutch Government and others.


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