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Launching of the Regional Health Systems Governance Collaborative in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

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Launching of the Regional Health Systems Governance Collaborative

In the Eastern Mediterranean Region

On Tuesday 30th of October 2018 in Beirut, Lebanon


World Health Organization for the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR) will launch the “Regional Health Systems Governance Collaborative” during the “Expert Consultation on Health Systems Governance Challenges to Advance Towards UHC in the Eastern Mediterranean Region” that will be held on Tuesday 30th of October to Thursday 1st of November 2018 in Beirut, Lebanon.


The Regional Health Systems Governance Collaborative (RHSGC) is a platform of independent multidisciplinary health systems experts in EMR. The mandate of the RHSGC is to support countries in the Eastern Mediterranean Region in generating and transferring knowledge to action concerning different relevant governance approaches to advance towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC). In doing so, the RHSGC will take in account regional, national, subnational and local contexts, for example UHC relevant functions and health systems recovery arrangements from different types of shocks and changes including decentralization, economic crises, and geopolitical, demographic and epidemiological changes.


The RHSGC will be composed of a core group of independent multidisciplinary regional experts reflecting diversity of context and expertise. The core group will address the regional identified governance challenges in consultation with external experts and regional policy makers and platforms through ongoing communication using different channels.


The RHSGC in EMR will engage in the following suggested domains:

  • Reviewing UHC policies and governance interventions and advising on the identified gaps;
  • Documenting and exchanging country practices and lessons learned in EMR;
  • Developing the know-how and supportive tools for the identified priority governance approaches;
  • Facilitating identified capacity building activities to strengthen the stewardship and regulatory role of the Ministry of Health in different contexts; and
  • Promoting the engagement of health and non-health stakeholders to advance towards Universal health coverage.


Policy and Health Planning unit at WHO/EMRO will host the Regional Chapter Secretariat and provide the necessary support to the core group to undertake its duties.


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