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Following a series of international consultations throughout 2016 and in early 2017 on the importance of governance to achieving UHC, a special meeting was convened by WHO in Brussels on 24 March 2017, devoted to creating the Constitutive Forum of the Collaborative and discussing the Collaborative’s workplan 2017-2019.

The main objectives of the meeting were:

  • To present and discuss the draft work plan of the Collaborative and identify priority topics for the first year

  • To discuss and agree on inclusive forms of engagement with different stakeholders, especially in national and subnational levels

  • To identify possible sources of funding to contribute to the Collaborative’s work

Governance has been discussed worldwide by a host of different experts and many interesting publications and knowledge in the matter exist. Against this dynamic background, the Collaborative should offer added value. It should not merely be a technical place for discussions. It should generate, disseminate, co-produce and engage in topics that matter (locally and (inter)nationally) and move beyond common sense to better contribute to governance outcomes in the local and global settings.

Added value will also be created by the strong efforts which the Collaborative will make to bridge its global network with country level activities, for instance by providing tangible tools that can have a positive impact in local settings.

Regarding its governance structure, it was agreed that the Collaborative will start as a movement of experts and agencies with a secretariat based in WHO headquarters. It will  engage actively in and with other platforms to get  a rich variety of other stakeholders on board.  

You can find the complete workplan here


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