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Bold Moves: New Ways of Governance and Partnering of UHC (Part One)

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Part One: Bold Moves in Governance

The UHC Forum 2017 in Tokyo is taking place amidst an emerging articulation of ‘new and bold’ visions on accelerating UHC with a clear expression that quality service delivery, financial access and governance are key.

Under the working title “Bold Moves: New Ways of Governance and Partnering for UHC”, the Health Systems Governance Collaborative and the UHC-Partnership team up in a special coproduction, focused on urgent concrete steps to take to arrive at a new political economy of health which may address the real health bottlenecks in more effective and inclusive ways. 

In the first interactive session of this two-part side event, the spotlight will be on the progress made in the actionable governance agenda at national and subnational levels. The Health Systems Governance Collaborative will present three cases of foundational work in health systems governance as examples of vital work, which is currently undertaken to foster actionable knowledge tailored for driving real progress. The collaboration with the UHC partnership promotes further anchoring of this important governance agenda into the realities of policy dialogue and health systems implementation. The case presentations will be followed by an interactive health systems governance minilab. The outcomes of the deliberations will feed into the #BoldMovesTokyo Mini-Manifesto.

09:30 - 09:45 Welcome

Bold Moves opening trailer and Introduction of work of Health Systems Governance Collaborative

Maryam Bigdeli, Health Systems Adviser, WHO        


09:45 – 10:45 Three Cases Health Systems Governance Foundational work

1. “Governance capacities of MoH, Bold Moves in framing the topic”

Presenter: Kabir Sheikh,  Joint Director, Public Health Foundation of India, and Principal Fellow, University of Melbourne

2. “Next steps in the Marshalling Evidence Initiative”

Presentation of some key findings of the initiative, extracted from the four thematic working groups’ research on Accountability, Public Financial Management Use of Knowledge Policy and Regulation.

Presenter: Kelly Saldana, Director of the Office of Health Systems, USAID.

3. “Health Systems Governance: the Trouble with Building Blocks”

Presenter: Seye Abimbola, Public Health  Lecturer, University of Sidney


10:45 - 11:45 Governance mini-lab I BOLD MOVES 1 in Health Systems Governance foundational work

Small groups will discuss and extract knowledge from the case studies through the lens of the “actionable governance”

Opening comments: Helen Schneider, Public Health Professor, University of the Western Cape


11:45 - 12:00 Feedback round and input into #BoldMovesTokyo Mini-Manifesto

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