Better Governance, Better Health Systems: The Evidence

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In September 2016, USAID, WHO and the Health Finance and Governance (HFG) Project launched an initiative to “Marshall the evidence” on how governance contributes to health systems performance and health outcomes. Four thematic working groups have explored for over a year the topics of Accountability, Policy and Regulation, Public Financial Management and the Use of Knowledge in Health Systems.

A two-day event took place in Washington and intended to share and discuss the evidence gathered and synthesized by the thematic working groups, as well as a cross-cutting composite analysis; explore how this evidence could be used to scale-up governance interventions; and devise recommendations for research as well as policy and practice.

We were able to present the Health Systems Governance Collaborative, and its added value as a platform linking stakeholders and sharing knowledge for actionable governance. The notion of actionable governance and the required bold moves to trigger significant changes in health systems was welcome with enthusiasm and triggered debate on the importance of power and politics and the necessity to use governance interventions as a leverage to balance the interest of stakeholders in health systems.



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