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'Actionable governance - the missing links' Bellagio Conference 2018

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Actionable governance: the missing links

Definitions, frameworks and measurements of actionable governance in health systems

This invitation-only meeting is scheduled to take place at the Rockefeller Bellagio Conference Center on 26-30 March 2018.

How do we frame governance in a way that can tangibly improve the organisation of health delivery and the health of people? What are the missing links?

We will make the programme available soon, and if you are not attending the meeting you can still make a contribution to the discussion. 

We invite you to share items of interest in the lead up to the meeting.

You can do this online, through the comments section below or through the Collaboration on the Theme of 'Definitions, frameworks and measurements of actionable governance in health systems'. We will assemble all the responses and input you give to this topic and the content will feed into the meeting itself. 

We’re inviting members to join this Collaboration and reflect on the following questions:

  • What in your experience are the main missing links in health system governance?

For example, in order to make governance work in health systems:

  • Which actions have not been undertaken or not strongly enough?
  • What information is not available?
  • What aspects have not been considered or addressed?
  • Which actors have been neglected?


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