What do we do?

The Collaborative is a group of practitioners, policy makers, academics, civil society representatives, agencies, decision-makers and other committed citizens  seeking to connect and engage about important health systems governance issues.

The Collaborative fosters creative and safe spaces where we can address the health systems governance challenges (such as corruption, power inequities, lack of capacities, gross mismanagement, poor distribution of knowledge and resources and unequal access to health) and promote real impact on the ground.

We gather collective expertise, construct ideas and ways forward together and address governance challenges with knowledge rooted in local practice.

  • We focus on concrete health systems governance improvements at national and sub-national levels and better connect these experiences with the global arena.
  • We build creative solutions to the political and economic bottlenecks which have an impact on governance, and are currently unresolved.
  • We face the tough dilemmas together.




5th annual meeting of he Collaborative Core Group

Launch of the "Action for Reset Dialogues"

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First Collaborative peer-reviewed publication:

Health systems governance: the missing links

Publication of a WHO Working Paper, developed by the Health Systems Governance Collaborative, the UHC-Partnership and the Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research:

Addressing Governance Challenges and Capacities in Ministries of Health

Launch of the "Building the Reset Inititative"

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Health Systems Research Symposium side event, Liverpool, UK

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Bellagio Meeting, Bellagio, Italy

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Launch of the Collaborative online platform.


UHC Forum 2017, Tokyo, Japan, 12-15 December 2017

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Bold Moves Side Events, Tokyo, Japan

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1st Webinar - The trouble with the building blocks

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“Better Governance, Better Health Systems: The Evidence” meeting (formerly Marshalling the Evidence), Washington, USA, 14-15 November 2017

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First meeting of the Constitutive Forum of the Collaborative and draft of the 2017-2019 workplan, Brussels, Belgium

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Official launch of the Health Systems Governance Collaborative during UHC Day 2016