Webinar series: health systems governance frameworks and missing links

We have held four webinars so far in our exciting series, and there are more to come.

Please see below for details and links to each including videos of the presentation and full session. If you missed any of them you can watch and listen and use our 'comments' section on each specific webinar page to add your thoughts. 

  1. The trouble with the building blocks (24 November 2017)
  2. Simplify in order to amplify: Making governance frameworks fit for practice (5 December 2017)
  3. What research is needed to advance accountability for health? (1 February 2018)
  4. From frameworks to practices - experiences of sub-national governance in low- and middle-income countries (23 February 2018)

Other Collaborative webinars:

  1. Anti-corruption by design (25 September 2018)

For more information about forthcoming Webinars, watch this space. 


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