How do we work?

This is a place to connect with the great variety of stakeholders in health systems governance worldwide, confront ideas, disseminate knowledge and share experiences.

The Collaborative encourages members to engage in the following ways:

  • through our online interactive platform, where members can participate in consultations and discussions.
  • through face-to-face meetings for more in-depth exploration of specific areas.
  • by contributing to debates through our media such as blogs, videos, photo series and podcasts.

For our first year, members involved in setting up this Collaborative agreed on two thematic areas:

1. Governance frameworks and measures of governance in health systems: foundational work, comparing governance frameworks and arriving at frameworks with relevance in practice, especially for assessing governance in health systems.

2. Governance capacities of ministries of health: a practical entry point, focusing on the changing roles of ministries in dynamic health systems.

All members of the collaborative are encouraged to propose other themes and topics, design projects and invent new ways to work together.